In the receptive silence, where purity is being worshiped and time leaves a veil of dust and dirt
The remaining parts
Operation Gondola
The path that leads to a shed, a lifetime construction of blue and pink panels, green wire, painted wood and windows with a history ...
If things come to the surface, what is their nature?


As an archaeologist Bram Van Breda digs in our common environments in search for new stories to unravel through the objects, materials and spaces he investigates. Object, material and space play an important role in his artistic practice, which is situated on the border between art and design. By questioning the identity of the objects, materials and locations and placing them in a broader perspective he gives the viewer the opportunity to experience these in a different way. The practice of Van Breda is characterised by a constant questioning of the own approximate environment, with a fascination for the things we easily pass by or overlook.

How do we experience locality in a time where we're evolving towards a global culture with different identities?
And what can the objects, materials and spaces we use, mean in this evolution? Each work is part of a broader research and is for this reason never final, rather a step to the next one.