Bram Van Breda

1992° Belgium

As an ethnographer I question our environment, with a concern for the social and political conditions of places. Through historical research, site-specific works and material studies, physical places are transformed into ‘environments’ or installations, where new spatial narratives can deploy. These are the outcome of the constant search for ways to superpose different media, where the viewer can become an active player or even a ‘user’.

Works originate by exploring my direct surrounding and making use of everyday objects and leftover material I gather around me. In an online global world where value is increasingly linked to publicity, I want to consider the significance of valuing the ordinary rather than the spectacular. In this way works often uncover the unimportant and insignificant of everyday life. By revaluating that what is so close to us we can question and eventually also revalue our own personal space and everyday experience.

Ba Graphic Design Luca School of Arts Brussels 2014, Ma Textile Design Luca School of Arts Ghent 2016


  • 2019 Gastatelier LEOXIII Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 2020 RAVI Liège, Belgium


  • Every Move They Make (2018-2019) Luca School of Arts Ghent, research unit Image in collaboration with Dr. Lut Pil, with the support of Luca School of Arts Ghent.


  • Fini Fani, in dialoog met textiele maakprocessen in Mali, Patricia Gérimont, Anja Veirman (2018), Graphius.
    ISBN 9789490049089
  • RECONNAISSANCE, Lut Pil (2019), KADOC Ku Leuven
    ISBN 9789078192435
  • Every move they make, dialogues between object and space, Lut Pil, Matter&Image Luca School of Arts Ghent (2019)
    ISBN 9789463963695