The expo Entangled Splendor, questions our desire for splendor in a society of spectacle and the inevitable repetition it brings forth. Through the works a play unfolds, performed by the unwanted matter he collects in the streets and textile industry. The fascination for theater and scenery comes from a deep interest in space as a construction. Within my proces I question my own position by becoming ‘another’, an actor. Here the actor has already left the stage and is present in the attributes and scenes he left behind.

The expo Entangled Splendor brings together the repetitive act of the industrial making process with the stage where actors are given roles and actions are performed in a precise order. The works in textile find their origin in transition zones between two weavings, where the weaver interferes in order to keep the production going. Weaving as a spatial activity is amplified by presenting the textile pieces free from the wall. In this way the works seem to want to move away from the white walls, giving at the same time a lightness to each piece. Again, a state of trans and movement occurs. It are those human traces of both the operator and the artist that guide us through a never-ending interspace.

With the support of TASIBEL natural fibre flooring photo Olympe Tits

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