Too me the carpet is a space, a shared field where people find each other to pray, eat, invite friends, exercise …. With The Gathering, a series of carpets, I’m looking for a way to connect industrial manufacturing processes with hand work, in order to enhance this shared space. For this series I work together with Tasibel natural fibre flooring, a Belgium based weaver specialized in rough weaving using material such as sisal, coco and wool. Each carpet is a unique piece, using the leftover material of the industrial weaving process. The basis of each carpet is the intersection between two weavings, hand knotted by the weaver operating the industrial loom. This intervention is done by hand and brings forth an irregular and unpredictable weaving, that later on in the process will be cut off. I gather these by products, finish them by hand an add new layers to them, creating a dialogue through the threats with the unknown weaver on the loom. This making process leads to a more intimate and sensitive form of design.

With the support of Tasibel natural fibre flooring

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