When things come tot the surface,
what is their nature?

31/3/16 - 9/4/16

For ten days the basement of Les Brasseurs functioned as a workplace, but above all a place of inspiration. In contrast tot the architectural ground level of Les Brasseurs, this basement is a dark cave hidden underneath the stairs. In the back of this basement there was a lot of different waste materials and objects, hidden behind a black curtain, worthless and abandoned. Because of my interest for poor materials I intuitively started to bring these different things together. What started as a playful game of combining waste materials soon became a search for balance. Balance in formal way or between the man made and natural. The basement became a place of continuous change. From time to time I brought my work in progress up to the ground level. Against the white walls of Les Brasseurs, the nature and function of these materials were questioned.

This reflects in the 'wall-hangings', old wallpaper and flooring that I tried to reconstruct by stitching different parts together, showing the backside of things. The movement of bringing things to the surface is linked to the way "écume" arises. I therefore decided to return my work to its original way and place of being, waste stacked behind a curtain. The works I made during these ten days are being captured in photographs, which I showed on the last day in combination with fading light. To me this experience was very interesting, arriving at a place with no materials, only working with things I found in the basement. This is linked to the idea of "scum", what I see as an attitude, a way of thinking, of going against rules in society, trying to bring things to the surface and always questioning their nature.