The pliable moment
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven NL

22/10/16 - 30/10/16

Textile dimensions in a changing time. Master and bachelor graduates. In 'The pliable moment young artists and designers, of the Department of Textile Design LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium, will present their research projects in which textiles can be playful and aesthetic, but also where textile hesitates in a self-evident way, falters and counteracts.

Textiles are seen as an identity in the beauty of its matter but also in its quality as a vehicle for social and cultural values. Various approaches, applied as well as autonomous and as the crossover between them, will engage in a dialogue with each other. This 'conversation' aims to add value to the language of textiles and the many shapes it takes in current time.

The project is not limited to textiles only as it reflects the interdisciplinary vision of LUCA textiles. There will be collaborations between the department of Graphic Design of LUCA, through the performance 'The book-making machine' and with alumni reinforcing the concept of 'the pliable moment' and adding an extra dimension to the textile diversity.

The concept of 'the pliable moment' questions the position of the creator in a time of social, economic and cultural shifts, to which the design process also needs to be about historical consciousness, emotion and topicality.

The exhibition takes place in the inspiring space of one of the oldest artists initiatives in the Netherlands: De Fabriek.