matter out of place

Dirt or rest materials are a fundamental part of our common environment and are defined by the Anthropologist Mary Douglas as 'matter out of place or order'. For the Vitrine de Jeune Artiste of Les Brasseurs I used the architectural aspects of the vitrine to translate a pigeon shed. While a vitrine is open to the public view, a pigeon shed is often closed and private. A vitrine is there to show or present objects, fashion, ideas, new trends, ...

In 'matter out of place' the traditional pigeon shed is intentionally over aestheticized. By translating the objects into ceramic or by wrapping them in white canvas the identity of these ordinary things changed. The contemplative white space was intruded by the presence of a sport pigeon, leaving nothing more than stains on a pure surface.

13/09/17 - 14/10/17 mixed media ceramic, linen, silk, aluminium cm 540 x 120 x 250 h