receptive silence

Dirt and rest materials belong to the everyday life and are an important memory of the past; even tough we don't consider these materials valuable. In Western civilisation we rather worship the clean and glorify the idea of purity.
This duality makes dirt a complex mater; formed by cultural believes which because of this recalls different connotations. For the Luca Biennale 2017 I lived together with the Benedict monks of the Abbey Keizersberg.
During my stay I did research into the symbolic values of washing and cleaning, which are an important part of the visuality of Christianity. Here the act of washing and cleaning is at the basis of several relics, such as the Shroud of Turin and the Veil of Veronica.

'Receptive silence' finds its origin at one of the Maria statues in the Abbey Keizersberg. This abbey is a place dedicated to the life of Maria, symbol of purity and receptivity. The layer of dust, which covered the statue during the years, is in this case used as a medium. Cleaning the statue by wrapping it in cloth I obtained an abstract print of Maria. The obtained print was than digitalised and translated into a woven image, so it becomes a silent memory of an act.

| 2017 Linen Woven Jacquard 450 cm x 260 cm