When things come to the surface,
what is their nature?

31 march - 9 april '16

For ten days the basement of Les Brasseurs functioned as my work space but above all as a place of inspiration. In contrast to the architectural floor level, the basement is a dark cave hidden underneath a staircase. What started as a playful way of combining found waste materials, soon became a search for balance, in a formal way but also between the natural and manmade. From time to time I brought works to the floor level, there against the white walls of LesBrasseurs the nature of these things was being questioned. This reflects in the 'wall-hangings', old wallpaper and flooring that is held together with small stitches. These fragile wall-hangings show us the simple beauty of a backside. The movement of bringing things to the surface is linked to the way "écume"* arises. I therefore decided to restore my work in its original way of being, waste stacked behind a curtain.

* écume: French for scum, but also sea foam


| 2016