This set of knit-works is a textile translation of a typical Flemish environment known for its sheds and pigeon sport. The construction of these sheds goes against every form of "good design" and spatial planning. Most of the time they are build in the back of the garden far away from the public eye. They are created out of an necessity, to practice a hobby, to keep animals or just to stock material. To me it shows the need to construct, the 'bricoleur' lives in each of us. To be able to construct a shed, materials are gathered during the years. The main focus is it's final function without considering it's aesthetics. The poor materials that are often used give this environment it's own character. Materials in decline and fading colours, symbolise the fading of a local culture. This is amplified by the title, which in fact is no title but an abstract mark, the official number of the pigeon shed of my grandfather.

| 2016