A small revolt

A journey that started at the pigeon shed in the back of my grandfathers garden, soon became a small revolt against the fact that in design, fashion and the arts we still look towards foreign cultures from a very dominant Western point of view.
I therefore went on an expedition true my own cultural background, which is situated on the Flemish countryside, with its typical shed constructions, dark interiors and in my case the pigeon sport. It's a fact that we now live in a global world, so will we also evolve towards a global culture? Will we than lose our local traditions?

What might the shape of global culture look like today if there were no exotic cultures to discover or faraway places to explore?

Okwui Enwezor

In this way the pigeon sport and shed almost becomes a mirror for our current cultural situation, as borders are being corssed daily by people who still carry their home in their hearts.
In the final installation different media and materials like textiles, wood and ceramics create a own universe. Inspired on artifacts and pictures I took during my journey, the act of collecting and constructing without any aesthetic plan.

| 2016

Felt-work in co-operation with the Spinning mill of Veurne


Tapestry in co-operation with Limited Edition